Day One Paper Co. is a creative stationery brand on a mission to make this world a bit more magical place!

After being a couple for the last 10 years, we have decided to trust our gut and jump on this wild journey to create something we believe will make this world a bit more happier and a bit more magical place

We both come from creative industries – for the past 10 years we’ve been working in design, branding and photography but now Katharina has taken the role of creative director and illustrator in Day One while Verino is a behind-the-scenes guy, making sure everything is in place. We’re still small but we have very, very big dreams.

An idea for a stationery and lifestyle brand has sparked almost 7 years ago but we didn't want rush into it. We envisioned creating something that’s timeless, not just a whim or a trend so we decided to think through everything and then invest all of our resources into what we truly believe in.



Stationery is in
our heart.

  • FSC-Certified

    We are proud that we use FSC-certified
    paper for all our stationery products!

  • Hand drawn designs

    Everything is hand drawn and designed
    in house by the the company's co-owner.

  • Locally Made

    All products are made locally so we're happy
    we can support people around us.

 Our Style, Vision and Goals

Our illustration style is whimsical and lively, inspired by vintage and peculiar but still with a touch of elegance. All of the illustrations are hand drawn and then digitally edited to make the products perfect.

We always strive to create the products we would like to get ourselves. Our plan for the future include creating a whole palette of products and collections to create an extraordinary world filled with positivity and inspiration.

On our tiny mission to make this world a better place, we started Day One Paper with two goals in mind: create beautiful products that will bring joy to those around us and hopefully, one day, growing our business into a collective of positive people. At the end of the day, we’re doing this to give back to this world and to make those around us more happy. We're inviting you to follow us on this journey.