From a stationery brand: Tips for writing creative letters

From a stationery brand: Tips for writing creative letters

Dec 07, 2022

Wether you’re an experienced letter writer, a seasonal one or you’d like to start writing and sending some letters, here are 5 easy-to-follow tips for writing a perfect letter that will melt some hearts.


1. Use your own words

There is nothing better than just using your authentic voice. I remember writing my own letter, first one in English (my second language), and I was so preoccupied with words and phrases that I just forgot how to say simple things in simple words. However, I noticed, when I’m writing greeting cards to my loved ones in my maternal language, they always end up in tears and that’s because I’m not sweating over what words to use - I use my own.


2. Use greeting cards to send letters

Greeting cards can be such a nice & creative way to say things that you always wanted. Creative greeting cards usually have a nice graphic that can steer up emotions straight from the beginning. If you want to be vulnerable in your writing, make sure to choose some simple or emotional greeting card. However, if you want to share a specific fun story, choose the most colorful greeting card! I believe so much in the details and I promise, a nice greeting card can go a long way! On that note, feel free to browse our greeting cards here!


3. Choose drawing instead of writing

Anyone can scribble a creative story to share in your letters with your favorite ones. Even if you think of yourself as an anti-talent for drawing. You can even mix words with simple line icons! And that not only will bring more into the letter itself by making it more creative and more fun, it will also bring you back to being a child, once again. I bet you remember writing your mom a birthday card when you were a kid!


4. Pair your letter with something unique

A nice small gift can change the narrative of any letter. Wether you’re sorry for not getting in touch sooner or you missed a birthday - sending a letter with a tiny gift instead of a standard sms text or phone call can make such a difference. That’s something I would love to receive from time to time! A small gift included with a greeting card or letter can be pressed flowers, a little drawing, gift card or scented lyrics to your favorite song that they can put in frame. Again, small but from the heart details can create a life-long memory.


5.  Use premium paper and premium envelopes to make a statement

If you’re sending a letter to your grandparents or someone who you really care about, make sure to use premium quality paper for both letters and envelopes. The idea is to send such a quality piece they cherish forever. Make it scented if possible. You can even add a stamp on the back of the envelope like from the old days. That way you’re showing how much the person who is receiving the letter means to you.


Happy writing! And if you’d like to show me your letters, make sure to tag us @dayonepaperco or use a hashtag #dayoneletters