Why we love stationery

Why we love stationery

Dec 10, 2022

As a stationery brand, as you can assume, we are over the moon into stationery so we created this cute illustration on why we love stationery. Hope you enjoy it!

Day One Paper Co why we love statinery greeting cards pocket notebooks notepads planners

1. Stationery gives us a sense of nostalgia

Stationery and papers are a tactile products and they can always spark an emotion. We use stationery on a daily base and always cherish it.

2. We use stationery such as notebooks and journals/planners to write our goals

You can use journals and planners to write your plans, goals, ideas and thoughts. Anything that crosses your mind can live on paper. And sometimes, that's the best thing you can do to your mind - don't let any idea slips!

3. Stationery products can make any workspace or home office more beautiful

Stationery just has that special appeal - it's beautiful and useful. What more can you ask for your desk or home office?

4. Fresh notepad or planner always presents a fresh start

No matter if it's the beginning of the new year or new month, best stationery is the one that can motivate you on a daily basis and help you being more productive in achieving your plans and goals.

5. Stationery is magical

Nothing to add here except stationery is always a good idea. From gifting to treating yourself, stationery can feel like a nice luxurious product and we love it for it.

What are your reasons?! Let us know!